Thursday, December 8, 2022
Blue plaque for heroic lifesaver, Guerrino ‘Jack’ Mariti

Blue plaque for heroic lifesaver, Guerrino ‘Jack’ Mariti

The Burry Port Carnival Committee have sponsored a Blue Plaque in Burry Port to remember a local hero Guerrino ‘Jack’ Mariti a teacher and swimming instructor who saved over 200 lives.

Jack was born in Italy in 1879, his paternal name being Guerrino Mariti. A former deep sea diver he moved to Wales to find work.

Jack eventually settled in Burry Port where he began selling fruit from a barrow and ice lollies to holiday makers before getting work in the tinplate works

It is understood that Jack taught hundreds of people to swim in the area.

Jack Mariti is reputed to have saved numerous lives over the years and is credited with over 200 rescues.

Members of the Carnival Committee and members of the Heritage and Marine group

A red buoy already exists as a tribute to Jack who was born in 1879 and died in 1962. The blue plaque is another reminder of the exploits of one of Burry Port’s real life heroes. The plaque is situated on the wall of the old lifeboat station.

Pics. Byron Williams Photography

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