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Blue bags to be delivered to all households

Blue bags to be delivered to all households

BLUE bags will be delivered to every household in Carmarthenshire in December and January.

Three rolls of blue bags will be issued, a total of 156 bags, which is around six bags for each recycling collection week. The decision has been made following resident feedback, people asked for blue bags to be more accessible to help them recycle more.

Having blue bags delivered to their homes aims to ensure that all residents are equipped with the bags to allow them to recycle household items easily. Residents who found collecting bags from outlets awkward due to opening times or were unsure of where to collect more bags, can now rest assured that they will have an ample supply to recycle properly.

Households, such as large families, which may require additional rolls, can collect from 10 collection points allocated across the county, along with the mobile library service. The outlets are Carmarthen and Ammanford Customer Service Centres; the Hub in Llanelli; Coleshill cash desk Llanelli; Municipal Buildings Llandeilo; St Clears Leisure Centre; Newcastle Emlyn Library; Llandovery swimming pool; Ceredigion council offices in Llandysul and Lampeter. People will no longer need to order bags online.

Recent figures show that Carmarthenshire residents are recycling over 66% of their rubbish, surpassing a target set for the year 2019/20 of 64%. The council’s executive board member for environment, Cllr Hazel Evans, said: “I’m pleased with our recycling rates, but obviously we could always do more. I hope that by delivering blue bags to every home more people will be encouraged to recycle the waste generated from the household and which we are able to collect in blue bags.”

Current outlets for blue bags will be able to order stock until December 31 to ensure that people can pick up a roll if they run out over the Christmas period.

People are asked to be patient as delivery will take two months and will be carried out by recycling round area.  It is possible for a friend or relative to have received their supply but you may not.  Crews will deliver to all households, however anyone who has not received a delivery by February 1 should contact Customer Services.

There is no limit on the amount of blue recycling bags which can put out for collection. People are asked to rinse the items and place into the bags dry. All items that can be recycled from your home such as aerosol cans, foil, food and drinks cans, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and pots can all be recycled in blue bags.

New residents or people who are unsure which items can be placed in blue bags can find out more on the recycling pages at

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