Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Bilingual nursery in Gorslas receives Chwarae Teg award

Bilingual nursery in Gorslas receives Chwarae Teg award

CAE’R Ffair Nursery, based in Gorslas near Llanelli, has been presented with the FairPlay Employer ‘Leading’ Award, by Chwarae Teg in recognition of its continued commitment to diversity, gender equality and supporting its staff.

The nursery, which is independently owned, provides quality childcare and education for children aged 3 months to 5 years as well as wrap around care for primary school age children. Currently it employs 17 qualified members of staff, all who speak fluent welsh. It has been working closely with Chwarae Teg which runs the Agile Nation2 business programme – fully funded by the European Social Fund and Welsh Government.

The programme provides specialist support around recruitment and working practices, staff retention and equality and diversity. Beginning with a Business Culture Survey©, the scheme then includes the development and implementation of a tailored 12-month action plan.

Sharon James, Owner of Cae’r Fair, said: “I’m very proud of the nursery and realise that the fantastic staff are its best asset. This programme gave us the knowledge and tools to be able to maximise the potential of our staff, introduce practices such a flexible working which allow staff to have a positive work life balance and realise the benefits of a more balance workforce.

“Working with Chwarae Teg throughout this free programme has given us access to invaluable training and consultancy support and meant we can reap the rewards of a workforce which knows it is valued.”

Rhodri Packman, Business Programme Lead, Chwarae Teg: “Cae’r Ffair has been committed to getting the best out of our programme from the very beginning, fostering a great working relationship with us. By embracing the training, guidance and advice we offer they have become a sector leader in best practice.”

“Embracing modern working practices is positive for everyone and can support business goals relating to talent management, becoming an employer of choice and increasing employee engagement. Business which embed a culture of inclusion and equality at all levels get real results in areas such as increased output and lower sickness rates.

“At Chwarae Teg we work with private, public and voluntary sector clients across a wide range of industries. We concentrate on what organisations need the most, whether it is to improvements to flexible working, communication, working relationships, recruitment and more. Ultimately this is all fully funded and can deliver improved performance, reputation and an increased client base and output for clients.”

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