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Beach car park blocked off by council

Beach car park blocked off by council

Blocked off: Visitors and residents were angered by the closure of the car park.

A small, popular car park to a beach in Llanelli has been fenced off by the County Council leaving residents and visitors alike scratching their heads and asking ‘why’.

The car park in Machynys is often used by visitors to access the beach and Millennium Coastal Path.

Workmen were seen at the car park at around 12pm today, Monday (Jan 21).

In the short time our reporter was there a number of people pulled up and expressed shock then anger that the car park was blocked off by a gate and a number of pillars.

One passer by said: “I think it is a disgrace. I thought we were meant to be encouraged to use the coastal path and beach in Machynys. This is not encouraging at all.

“It has happened in Burry Port, it has happened in Pembrey (Fisherman’s carpark) and now it has happened in Machynys.”

Another man who wished to remain anonymous said: “It has probably cost then hundreds of pounds for the fence and pillars when they could have just tar marked the surface.

“I have no idea why they have done this unless maybe a resident has complained.”

The car park is near the Bwylch-Y-Gwynt housing site.

Local councillors had raised concerns on behalf of residents of Machynys about cars parking in the car park.

Ian Jones, Head of Leisure for Carmarthenshire County Council said: “We have acted on representations from local residents and local members who have raised concerns about cars parking on a small area of land next to the Millennium Coastal Path, just off Pentre Nicklaus Avenue.

“Unfortunately there have also been reports of unauthorised vehicular access on to the path from this location, which is a safety concern.

“There are a number of designated car parks along the MCP which we encourage people to use.”

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