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Beach campaigners urge council to rescind traffic order

Beach campaigners urge council to rescind traffic order

OBJECTORS to double yellow lines on a road leading to Carmarthenshire’s Cefn Sidan beach have just days to register their opposition.

January 18 is the cut-off date for people who are against the parking measures put in place by the county council as part of a 12-month experimental order.

Double yellow lines were painted on Factory Road, Pembrey — plus an access road to the rear of Pembrey Country Park and a short lane off it — last summer.

Llanelli MP Nia Griffith has held a meeting on the issue, along with AM Lee Waters and Pembrey councillor Shirley Matthews, and an action group has been set up.

The Labour MP said: “Residents in Pembrey are rightly furious about Carmarthenshire Council’s splattering of double yellow lines all along roads near Pembrey Country Park, and any plans they may have to turn the so-called Fisherman’s car-park into a pay and display area.

“It is completely unacceptable to deny locals the free access to the beach that they have enjoyed for over 40 years.”

Carmarthenshire Council chiefs said last summer that the lines were painted to minimise parking obstructions and damage to verges caused by a rising number of motorists.

Speaking at the time, head of leisure Ian Jones, said: “There are a number of reasons why we have taken this course of action, but most important is to protect the environment from the growing number of vehicles that are parking on the verges.”

Some of the lines, in the area known locally as Fisherman’s car park, were later removed after what was described as contractor error.

Objectors to the Factory Road double yellow lines say Fisherman’s car park is not known as a parking area except by local people, who use it to access the Pembrey Burrows and Saltings Local Nature Reserve and the beach rather than Pembrey Country Park.

The wider area used to be a gunpowder works and ordinance factory — and local campaigners were instrumental 50 years ago in preventing a Ministry of Defence proposal which would have continued the use of the area as a munitions and gunnery range.

Instead, a Government-appointed planning inspector said that a country park should be created and public access to the beach should be provided for future generations.

Objectors have sought advice on the double yellow lines from Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, Sophie Howe.

Veteran campaigner Ron Cant, of Llanelli, said he felt the council was “stepping on historic toes, which is causing a lot of angst”.

He added: “My fight is about Cefn Sidan. This is about the beach.”

After an initial period of 12 months, the council will consider whether the provisions of the experimental order are to be enforced indefinitely.

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