Saturday, April 1, 2023
Bay TV lends a hand

Bay TV lends a hand

Peter Townsend, Alan Evans and Peter Curtis

We are moving into very exciting times in the media as the Emperor’s old clothes are shed for the grandstanding of online media in all its glory. There can be very few people left who still believe that the newspaper industry will become anything other than a glorified call centre selling as many ads as they can on the back of a paper void of content, which doesn’t send a glass eye to sleep.

Those who have paved the way are predominantly the developers, designers, the explorers, the people who dared to try something different. All those early ideas of how to get multimedia content online, live stream, podcast, broadcast and share are now coming to the fore including Swansea’s Bay TV.

It was with great pleasure that we took yet another journey East to Swansea to meet up with the team there and share our experiences. A fly on the wall may have deduced that these were a bunch of old renaissance men, tech obsessed, ideas men, looking for ways for the new to succeed and be shared.

Succeed it will despite those kicking and screaming and shoving any excuse not to in the way thus maintaining the monopoly, which selectively ignores the real stories. Those who need to appear in front of a lens to answer questions will no longer have to as organisations create their own version of the press as we have seen happening in the USA lately with a President’s answers being given and ad libbed on by a well drilled robotic PR machine.

One only has to look at the spectacle in Chelsea and Kensington where those paid a hefty wage in office walked away from the lens and accountability refusing to face the press. This my friends is only the tip of the iceberg. Unless the likes of Bay TV, Llanelli Online and numerous other independent news gatherers and broadcasters are given the support then we as a community in Wales will be left with a press, primed, paid  and ready to push us all off with whatever they would like us to hear.

We want your news, we want to come to your event, we want to share your successes, we want to air your grievances and we want to bring it all to you at the click of a mouse.

Watch this space and if you believe you can help in any way, please email




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