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Batman Returns

Batman Returns

THE Dark Knight really does have a soft spot for Llanelli and has returned for the second time to visit the town today, Tuesday (Apr 10) and this time he brought a few more of his vehicles and gadgets along with him.

He was once more unaccompanied by his faithful friend Robin but there were more than enough local superheroes on hand should any trouble manifest.

Llanelli is relatively crime free as we all know thanks to the diligence and hard work of the local police force and the Commissioner so there was very little for the caped crusader to do.

What exactly does one of the most famous masked men do in Llanelli on a Tuesday afternoon?

He poses for photographs with children of course. Though a man of few words he did at least give plenty of time to his adoring fans young and old.

A combination of just about every comic book and film hero turned up to say hello. The town centre was packed and there can be no doubt that the free parking helped boost numbers.

This was yet another successful event put on by Ymlaen Llanelli – The BID.  Organiser Mandy Jenkins was more than happy with the impact it has had on the town.

Mandy said: “There is a lovely atmosphere with the children in their costumes. It was great to see the town centre so busy. Everybody likes superheroes and it really has been a great success. We have more events planned throughout the year and hopefully the businesses and public will come out and support them as they have done today.”

Speaking after the event, she said: “It was a brilliant day with huge amounts of people in the town centre.

“Most of businesses I’ve spoken to said they saw an increase in trade with those that didn’t commenting on how nice it was to see so many people in town.

“The car parks quickly filled up thanks to the free parking too. Batman and the cars proved yet again that they appeal to adults and children alike – everyone loves a superhero!

“Thanks to everyone that helped out on the day especially the market staff who made sure Batman was able to drive the Bat-mobiles in and out of Stepney Square safely.

“On Saturday (June 3) we have the ‘Back To The Future Delorean’ coming into Llanelli so I hope that will attract a similar crowd.”

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