9th December 2021

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Bare knuckle fighter heads for Llanelli to find sparring partners

WALES has its fair share of sporting legends. It has its fair share of sporting clubs. The variety of sport one can take part in or get involved in is extensive to say the least.

There is a new kid on the block for you to take a look at and it ain’t pretty. Think cage fighting, boxing and a good old scrap in the playground all rolled into one and you have ‘bare knuckle fighting’.

Wales it seems is leading the way in producing young people eager to join the sport and progress up the ladder of fame, which if you dare to Google the term, you will find complete with photos and videos of these mostly young men, battering the living daylights out of each other.

Is it that brutal? Is it a rogue sport? Are there controls, regulations and what are the dangers? These are just some of the questions we put to one of the latest young men to join the ranks, of bare knuckle fighters in the UK, 25-year-old Jamie Oldfield .

Beth, Jamie Oldfield, Shaun Keenan of Welsh Warriors and Clare Doyle of CDS Security

Jamie who hails from Manchester was in Llanelli, staying at the Coastal Hotel with his partner Beth. Sponsor, Clare Doyle of CDS security was looking after him while he lined up sparring partners ahead of his next big fight. They included young men from Llanelli, Tenby and Port Talbot.

The well-spoken and fine looking young man popped up to our studio for a chat.

You can listen to the exclusive interview with Jamie, who was speaking with Llanelli Online and our student journalist Lewis Rhys Jones.

Bare Knuckle Fighter: Jamie Oldfield

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