Friday, June 9, 2023
Bailiffs And Repossessions

Bailiffs And Repossessions

LLANELLI is undergoing major changes as the town centre tries to get to grips with the changing habits of consumer shopping. Walking around the town one can see a number of shops still boarded up, some with notices from bailiffs and such like. There are some who are attempting to stem the tide of internet shopping by offering something unique.

The Reindeer Parade, Christmas Carnival and Festival of Light draw the crowds but it is at Christmas time rather than year round. There is no doubt that the town has a lot to offer and that given some work and planning it could transform into a place for families to visit.

For that to happen parking needs to be affordable. Family events need to be more frequent and affordable, like Lisa Moore’s wonderful pop up events. Start up businesses need to be able to pop up and try in empty shops or on table tops in the High Street There are so many ideas out there and Llanelli Online would love to hear yours.

The business community has also organised a hustings ahead of the election. If you would like to comment we would love to hear from you. Email


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