8th August 2022

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AM backs ADI’s campaign to end use of wild animals in circuses

CAROLINE Jones AM South Wales West today stood with protestors from Animal Defenders International (ADI), to campaign against the use of live animals in circuses across Wales.

The Welsh Government commissioned Professor Stephen Harris at Bristol University to undertake a report on the welfare of wild animals in travelling circuses in 2015, and conducted a public consultation in October 2017 on mobile animal exhibits, which asked respondents if a ban on wild animals in circuses should be considered.

The report by Professor Harris, concluded that “The available scientific evidence indicates that captive wild animals in circuses and other travelling animal shows do not achieve their optimal welfare requirements.” The report also stated that “Life for wild animals in travelling circuses…does not appear to constitute either a ‘good life’ or a ‘life worth living’” with the expert analysis supporting a ban on wild animal circuses, as well as mobile zoos, on animal welfare grounds.

Caroline Jones commented: “The fact is clear; the use of live animals in travelling circuses is grossly inhumane. This activity does not belong in 21st Century Wales. I call on the Welsh Government to follow Scotland’s lead, and ban the use of live animals in circuses for good.”

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