29th November 2021

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Backlash over Black Lives Matter comments by Neil Hamilton MS

ON Wednesday 1st July, a socially distanced crowd, numbering around 30 people gathered in Llanelli Town Centre outside the office of Neil Hamilton the MS for Mid and West Wales.

The Llanelli constituents delivered an open letter to Neil Hamilton’s Llanelli UKIP office, which scrutinised what the protesters claim were his recent ‘divisive and opportunistic’ remarks made about the Black Lives Matter protests.

The letter noted “The first step is to become aware of the racism that exists and stop denying it…Your article tries over and over to divide people. This is not an argument between white and black, it is between racists and everyone else.”
Outside his office, there was an impassioned speech made by Tara on her experiences of racism in the UK and how these experiences have impacted her life.
The letter hits back at Hamilton’s claims that many of the Black Lives Matter protests have “escalated into riots”. The protesters claim that there have been over 20 protests in Mid & West Wales alone in the past month, all of them peaceful, and all of them socially distanced.
The letter goes on to state: “Let us explain white privilege again. White privilege does not mean you are privileged in the broader sense. All sorts of factors can make your life easy or hard. White privilege means the colour of your skin is not an extra challenge on top of that.
“Many people are not actively racist, and do not wish anyone any harm, but still allow racism to go on around them. By denying that racism exists they are failing to do all they can to stop it, and that helps it to flourish in the shadows”
The group claim that as an elected member of the Senedd, paid from the public purse, Mr Hamilton has a responsibility to the public. “Spreading false information about Black Lives Matter, as you have done, is not just wrong, it is dangerous. We are concerned that inciting hatred and building anger could lead to violence.” they added.
The protesters said that they would like to ask three things of Mr Hamilton, which are:
To publicly correct the factual errors in your article in the same formats they were communicated.
To undertake not to deliberately spread disinformation in the future, and above all not to use lies to build anger that could lead to acts of violence.
To treat all members of the community with respect.
The protest organised by Llanelli Stand Up to Racism, was in response to an article written by Neil Hamilton MS, titled, ‘Who’s standing up for Britain’.

Mr Hamilton commented: BLM are an extreme-Left group whose published aims are to ‘destroy capitalism’ and ‘defund the police.’  They desecrate war memorials and deface public property.  They are political agitators trying to falsify our history and denigrate our culture.  They must be stopped.

A small handful protested outside my Llanelli office calling themselves “Stand up to Racism.” They were the usual suspects – professional protestors who find a remarkable amount of time to demonstrate during the working week.

Britain is one of the least racist countries in the world. But it’s a fair bet that the Stand up to Racism agitators think that you, and the vast majority of Llanelli people are racists – not to mention sexists, homophobes, transphobic etc., etc.

Anyone who grew up in the 1950s knows how social attitudes have changed for the better. I was born in the Sirhowy Valley in 1949 and was brought into the world by our black

GP, Dr Onibuwe. My father had been one of his first patients and helped him build his medical practice in the face of real racist ignorance.

There were only 20,000 non-white people in the UK in 1951 and the black population of Wales even now is only 0.6%. So a Nigerian doctor in the valleys just after the war was a real rarity.

‘Anti-racist’ activists today live in a fantasy world, obsessed by imaginary grudges. They thrive off conflict because that’s their political aim. Llanelli folk know that the overwhelming majority of British people are reasonable, tolerant and anti-racist.

The actions of Stand up to Racism, Hope Not Hate and masked, sometimes violent, Antifa activists show them up as the real bigots and haters. They hate Britain.

A few weeks ago they vandalised the Cenotaph and attacked police officers. They want to denigrate our history, destroy British culture and end free speech. Many of them are pampered, placard waving, middle class white kids with florescent hair, who look as though they have robbed a clothes recycling centre while on an LSD come-down.

They protest against me because I report the facts which disprove their case. Following the Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd’s killing, I quoted the FBI statistics which prove that the vast majority of murders in the USA are committed by offenders of the same race as their victim. In 2018, 2925 blacks were murdered and 2600 of the murderers were black. 3315 whites were murdered and 2677 of the murderers were white.

I say ALL lives matter and so does truth. Police brutality is always wrong and George Floyd’s killer is now on a murder charge. Murder in the US does not generally occur for racist reasons. Check the figures for yourself:


Britain is a much less violent society than the USA. But the story on racism and the police is much the same. In the past 10 years, 163 people died in police custody in England and Wales according to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). Of these 163 deaths: 140 were white, 13 were black and 10 were from other minority groups.

It is very hard to make a convincing narrative of systematic racism out of the UK statistics. Black Lives Matter activists can do so only by systematically distorting the truth.

I will continue to speak out against their lies about Britain and our proud history of Empire, one benefit of which was that we suppressed the international Atlantic slave trade 200 years ago. Let’s be proud of ourselves and the great benefits we have given to the world.

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