Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Award for Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers

Award for Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers

A concerning amount of litter

THEIR aim is simple. To clean up rural wildlife areas to help keep wildlife safe from litter harm as well as to help keep these areas clean.

The group are called “Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers (WWLP)” which is a subgroup of the Wales Wildlife Watch group. They were originally just a walking group of wildlife spotters, who quickly got annoyed with the amount of rubbish blighting the beauty spots they walked.

They then formed a subgroup and met on the weeks when they weren’t walking just to clear litter and fly tips.

However the growing amount of litter scattered along many beauty spots in Llanelli has become so much of a problem and in the view of the WWLP it seems to be getting worse.

Speaking to Trixie Evans while clearing a footpath at Llanerch, she said: ”It’s absolutely terrible, it’s always the same every time we come here.”

Trixie also raised her concerns about the needles from drug users being found along the path. The area is located next to the proposed new Ysgol Dewi Sant Sschool and it is a path that many children walk along to school. Trixie said: ”We’ve had the council out to come and collect the needles, and we will probably find some more here today.”

Even with a large number of volunteers, they are yet to complete the length of the path due to the high volume of litter, much of it hard to get to due to the overgrown grass and hedges.

For more information on the Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers and how you can volunteer visit their website at https://www.cetma.org.uk/wales-wildlife-watch-4/

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