Friday, June 9, 2023
Armed police at Aldis

Armed police at Aldis

Armed police have attended an incident at Aldis in Llanelli today, Thursday (Aug 31) at around 3:50pm. Llanelli Online was contacted by a bystander who did not wish to be identified. They told us that they saw a police Range Rover doing a U turn near Thomas Street before driving at speed to the rear of Tinopolis. We are told that the police were parked near Alitalia and one armed female police officer was seen getting out of a vehicle in full riot gear.

The observer told us that the police woman was on the floor while police drove to the rear of the Iceland store and eventually to Aldis where shouts of ‘get down on the floor’ were heard.

The observer told us that the Armed police took out guns before searching a suspect. These are unconfirmed eye witness reports. We will bring you more information as events unfold.

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