Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Are you on the winning side?

Are you on the winning side?

Thought for the week – Reverend David Jones

An anxious few weeks for Swansea City supporters is over! The uncertainty of whether or not their team would be remaining in the Premiere League has finally evaporated and top class football is in the bag for the Liberty stadium next season.

It was on a knife edge for a while but in the end the Swans moved up the table leaving Hull. Middlesbrough and Sunderland languishing in the relegation zone. There was, however, real uncertainty for a while and even the most ardent of supporters were beginning to lose heart. That soon turned around with a couple of wins and with the arithmetic right pessimism soon turned to a real sense of expectations and optimism so much so that Fernando Llorente at the end of his debut season with the Swans compared staying up as ‘like winning a title’.

Such emotions may well sum up our own lives. After all, when we’re not sure how the problems we have are going to turn out we often go through every emotion. One thing’s for sure, the Bible tells us that God is with is 24/7. But can we really believe this? especially when life is tough and anxieties creep up on us. Hard times, broken relationships, the endless pressures of work or even lack of it are daily realities in so many lives.

On the world scene injustice and uncertainly often exist side by side where millions suffer endlessly. How then are we to understand the extent of such care and compassion. Amazingly the Bible says that God neither slumbers nor sleeps and watches over all who call upon him. I don’t know about you but even a short time of sleep deprivation and I’m not the best person to have around. God knows our needs and even when life is tough we can turn to him and know that we do not face any such challenge alone. He is ever near to us when things are going well but even more so when the pressures and uncertainties of life suddenly descend.

Jesus taught us to pray ‘Our Father’, and that’s enough for us to know that in trusting and believing we too we can be sure that we’re always on the winning side!

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