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Apply to be a member of Dyfed-Powys’ IAG

Apply to be a member of Dyfed-Powys’ IAG

Haven’t made a New Years’ Resolution yet? Want to do something different?

Many of us have made pledges for the new year to make us better people, for example- drink less, exercise more, lose weight, start a new hobby, the list goes on but it can be difficult to decide what to do.

This year Dyfed-Powys Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is inviting you to do something different. The force is looking for members of the public to volunteer for the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) which provides a valuable role of critical friend to the Police service and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Assistant Chief Constable Claire Parmenter said: “As a member of the IAG you’ll offer us helpful and constructive criticism, helping us to build and develop an insight into the needs and wants of the diverse communities in Dyfed-Powys.

“This is a chance for you to challenge the way we think and share your beliefs on how we work, to ensure our work meets the requirements of members of all communities.

Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn said: “We are looking for individuals who are independent of the police and willing to contribute time, energy and commitment to attend regular meetings; people who are committed to making a difference to the way that policing services are delivered to our diverse communities.”

Who can apply?  Membership is open to residents who live in Dyfed-Powys and who broadly represent the diverse communities that we serve in terms of age, disability, gender, gender identity,  race, religion or belief and sexual orientation.  You don’t need any qualifications or experience, just the willingness to have a voice in your community.

Main duties: IAGs will consider local issues including critical incidents, operational practice and planning and the local impact of decisions around force policy and procedure.

Meeting times: Meetings are held four times a year, usually at Police HQ in Llangunnor Carmarthen. We can’t pay you for your time but we can pay for your travel expenses.

ACC Parmenter added: “I’d really like to encourage people to put their names forward and work with us to keep Dyfed-Powys a safe place to work, live and bring up families.”

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