Friday, June 9, 2023
AM appalled at Genwen planning decision

AM appalled at Genwen planning decision

Following planning approval by Carmarthenshire County Council for 240 homes at Genwen Farm to be built by Persimmon Homes the AM for Llanelli Lee Waters has said that he is appalled at the decision. Speaking exclusively toLlanelli Online the AM said: “I am appalled that this new development in Genwen has been approved without the strong objections of the local community being taken into account. Local residents had valid objections to the disposal of surface water, in an area prone to dramatic flooding, and sewerage overload with inappropriate attenuation tanks being now going to be installed under the ground. It seems to me that this has been passed without the correct infrastructure being in place to support the development. Because of this, Bynea could now see around 480 additional cars which will create further traffic congestion there and its surrounding areas where already there is little in the way of public transport and when the actual Genwen Road in itself is too narrow for cars to pass”

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