Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Anyone for tennis?

Thought for the week – Rev David Jones

Roger Federer’s amazing eighth men’s singles win at Wimbledon has certainly made the history books and broken a number of records in the process! Federer now holds 19 Grand Slam titles, ahead of Rafael Nadal’s 15. Turning professional in 1998 after a memorable junior career the rest as we often say is history. Fourteen years after his first appearance at Wimbledon and the oldest man since the Open era began in 1968 to win the title, this eighth success is made all the more exciting for us who were glued to our TV’s, especially when he spoke of returning to defend his title next year.

I’m sure it must have been a truly unique experience to have been among the crowd who filled centre court on Sunday. I met a few people last week who were going to Wimbledon and hoping to see some matches. For them it was an annual event, and even going up and back in a day was well worth the effort. On the other hand, most tennis lovers are glued to their TV’s for the duration of the competition and how they enjoy it! With her fifty-inch TV and all-around sound one eighty-year-old in our congregation told me that she never missed a game and feels even in the comfort of her front room that she’s at centre court. Then on finals day treating herself to strawberries and cream. In her view, much more comfortable and far less expensive!

The experience of actually being where Jesus walked and talked and miraculously changed the lives of so many is, for some, an uplifting and joyous experience and visiting the Holy Land enables them at first hand to see where Jesus lived and ministered. There were those, of course, who were the first to see and hear the life changing power of the Christ and faithfully wrote of what they saw and heard. The Gospels record for us what actually happened so that we too are able to experience the wonderful revelation of God’s love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. With the added gift of the Holy Spirit Jesus is as near to us as he was to those who met with him and whose lives were so wonderfully changed. We’re in the centre court and front row as far as God is concerned – loved with an everlasting love – indeed it’s ‘Love all’

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