Monday, March 20, 2023
Andre keeps the red flag flying high

Andre keeps the red flag flying high

THE red flag was flying high above County Hall in Carmarthenshire today, Friday (Dec 1) for World AIDS Day. Putting aside the council’s refusal to fly the rainbow flag following a motion put forward by Llanelli Labour councillor Andre McPherson and Cllr Suzy Curry the red flag at least was present if only in the hands of Mr McPherson as he and other Llanelli Labour councillors gathered outside County Hall to show their solidarity for those still suffering from HIV and AIDS. Andre was also taking around red ribbons for council staff to purchase at County Hall.

Speaking to Llanelli Online Cllr McPherson said: “Today we are supporting the local people who are living with HIV and AIDS. There are 4,500 men and 1,500 women who are diagnosed every year with HIV. There are a lot of issues surrounding HIV.”

He said that there had been a reduction in blood transmitted HIV and concluded by saying: “I implore people to have a HIV test. You are protecting yourself and your partner. It is OK to have HIV tests.”

You can watch the video interview here:

Cllr John Prosser, Cllr Dot Jones, Cllr Deryk Cundy, Cllr Suzy Curry and Cllr Andre McPherson

Events are taking place across the U.K. today. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn recorded his own message.

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