Saturday, June 3, 2023
And the winner is…..

And the winner is…..

THIS weekend sees the return of the annual Miss Wales competition. I have always been a sceptic of what I viewed as ‘beauty pageants’ and was a little taken aback when my friend Jessie announced she had entered.

There’s no denying that aesthetically Jessie is very beautiful but she also has such a warm and endearing personality I could not help but wonder why she was embarking on what I felt was possibly a shallow enterprise that could possibly chip away at these girls confidence as they competed to be the ‘most’ beautiful.

I am not afraid to say my perception of the event was wrong.

When I researched the event I was drawn to their strap line ‘Beauty with a purpose’. Yes undeniably it brings together the physically beautiful but the efforts and lengths these girls have gone to in order to raise money for charitable causes is phenomenal. There is beauty inside and out with the contestants and with both cause and purpose.

I have watched on with admiration and respect as Jessie has embarked on her journey. From demonstrating random acts of kindness to working with children who face adverse difficulties in their lives. Jessie has also bravely spoken with teenagers about her own battles with anxiety and given advice in relation to confidence and self-esteem.

I love to see women celebrating women and Miss Wales certainly does that.

Our Llanelli/Burry Port shining star has a plethora of support behind her in her attempt to secure the Miss Wales crown this weekend. As of 1pm today Jessie was ranked in the top three on the online votes. The final results of this vote will be announced in a Charity Ball this evening. The online votes will then be added to the final results tomorrow evening when the Judges will reach their final decision. I, along with Jessie’s many other fans, will be watching my phone tomorrow evening with bated breath…Good luck Jessie.

Judge Jules (not a real judge) of Gomer Williams Solicitors writes for Llanelli Online

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