Monday, June 5, 2023
An Interview with Helen Mary Jones

An Interview with Helen Mary Jones

AS the Senedd 2021 elections approach we are approaching each of the candidates for MS for Llanelli to find out what their plans are for the people of Llanelli.

Helen Mary Jones represents Plaid Cymru and narrowly lost out to Lee Waters at the last Senedd elections.

We asked the Plaid Cymru candidate a number of questions including one on the recent news spotlight on her tweets and retweets. She was branded  “irresponsible” for sharing a tweet relating to a murder trial.

She also apologised for a retweet she recognised has “caused pain and hurt to many” having shared a tweet criticising those who were equating discrimination faced by the trans community with the Holocaust.

Helen Mary Jones also spoke about Plaid Cymru’s manifesto, the suitability of Adam Price as First Minister. Plans for regenerating Llanelli Town Centre. Plans for involving young people in politics and her stance on independence for Wales.

The interview took place on Tuesday (Mar 30).

You can listen to the full interview here:



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