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AM’s intervention makes Glanymor sparkle

AM’s intervention makes Glanymor sparkle

Quick intervention: Lee Waters AM/AC

AFTER hearing a two-year-old child had been seriously hurt falling onto a patch of broken glass, Llanelli’s Assembly Member, Lee Waters, acted quickly to ensure Seaside in Llanelli received immediate help.

Llanelli resident, Lisa Jones of Bryn Road, contacted the AM, upset and angry, after her son required hospital treatment following the fall onto broken beer bottles. Mrs. Jones said:

“It was absolutely horrible. This was a serious accident that never should have happened – he had to have an anaesthetic to have the glass removed.”

According to Mrs. Jones, the glass had been left on the road even though a refuse collection had taken place earlier in the day and despite the fact that there are three nurseries and an OAP residential home nearby. Lee Waters said:

“Everyone knows how ugly litter makes our town look, but this incident shows that it can also be dangerous. This was clearly an accident waiting to happen.”

When Mrs. Jones reported the incident to the council, she was told that it could take up to five days to clear up. The AM intervened to make sure that it was removed immediately. Mr. Waters added:

“It was unacceptable for broken glass to be left in the area for days on end. I am grateful that Carmarthenshire County Council saw sense and had it removed promptly.”

The Assembly Member also praised the actions of Glanymor councillors Louvain Roberts and John Prosser who, following this complaint, reported numerous incidents of littering in the ward. The roads across Glanymor have since been thoroughly swept. Cllr. John Prosser said:

“We’ve never seen the streets so clean! From now on we’re going to make sure that we walk around the ward on a regular basis, photographing any mess and making sure that it’s acted on immediately.”

Lee Waters, who is campaigning for cleaner communities across the Llanelli constituency said:

“This is an example of how we can all work together – residents, council and councillors – and achieve great results. I hope that the streets of Glanymor will continue to stay just as clean after this.”

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