Monday, March 20, 2023
American Blues duo to play Killkenny Cat

American Blues duo to play Killkenny Cat

Live music venue: The Killkenny Cat in Llanelli

AMERICAN Blues duo ‘Swampcandy’ will be performing at the Killkenny Cat in Llanelli on Wednesday (April 18).

Made up of members Ruben Dobbs and Joey Mitchell who both hail from Annapolis, MD, they formed the band in 2007.

They tour internationally and are a primitive blues influenced Americana duo. Ruben Dobbs’ aggressive finger-picking and rhythmic style (which often adds up to sounding like more than one guitar) combined with Joey Mitchell’s bass playing, pounding kick drum and percussive bass throttling (representing the presence of a full drum kit) easily fill up the sonic space normally created by a trio or even a four-piece.

Dobbs’ soulful, passionate vocals are the glue that holds it all together and makes the band tick.
Growing up they both enjoyed and played the music of their respective generations and found a deep affection for the music of the past; Ruben with Delta blues and Joey with jazz and classical.
Building on the strength of their 2014 double album, Midnight Creep/Noonday Stomp, which placed in NBT Music Radio’s Top 150 Albums of 2014, and the track “1000 Miles” placed in the Top Singles category, their 2015 release, Land, garnered substantial airplay from blues stations and syndicated radio shows across the US, UK and Europe.
2017 Found them mixing, recording and planing tours in Ireland and Europe along with touring and still maintaining a schedule of 270-250 shows a year.
2018 should see them in new markets pushing a new album as well as a constant flow of video content to keep fans happy and turn new folks on to the sound. That’s why and how Swampcandy makes that dirty, sweet music that cuts straight to the bone.

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