AM welcomes progress on ‘Refill Nation’ status

NEIL Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales and leader of UKIP Wales has welcomed the progress, so far, to make Wales the world’s first ‘Refill Nation’.

Mr Hamilton, a member of the Senedd’s Environment Committee, said he was pleased to see there were now over 1,000 refill stations across the country.

Last year it was announced walkers will have access to free drinking water along the 870 Wales Coast path, the first location for the roll out of a Refill scheme for Wales.

Mr Hamilton said:

“I recently attended the Royal Welsh Show and was delighted to see a number of refill stations providing free water. Quite clearly the message is getting out there and I hope this will continue.

“Wales is leading the way in recycling and looking after our environment. Offering the public free access to drinking water is an excellent way to help tackle plastic pollution.

“Allowing people to refill water bottles means they don’t need to buy another.  This should significantly reduce the number of plastic bottles being used, which end up as waste or being thrown in the sea.

“It is vital we take steps to eliminate avoidable waste to ensure we manage our limited resources in the best way.  Refill station are an excellent way of tackling plastic pollution and ultimately, helping the planet.”

The Welsh Government announced last year, they wanted to make Wales the world’s first ‘Refill Nation’ and began by encouraging ‘Refill’ into communities along the Wales Coast Path.

Along the path, those signed up to decrease the use of single use plastics are visible to walkers through window stickers and are listed in a bi-lingual refill app.

The app provides the public with a list of locations where free drinking water is available making it easier for people to refill their water bottles, without needing to purchase further single use beverages.


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