Saturday, December 3, 2022
AM Welcomes NHS Bursary to continue in Wales 

AM Welcomes NHS Bursary to continue in Wales 

THE Welsh Government has confirmed the NHS bursary will be extended in Wales for students starting their studies in September 2019.

Gower Assembly Member Rebecca Evans AM has welcomed the announcement which means the full bursary package will continue to be available for those who commit in advance to work in Wales for up to two years post qualification.

The bursary, for eligible student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals, was scrapped in England in 2017.

Of the 2,180 students applying for the bursary in 2017/18, only 3% declined to work in Wales post-qualification, meaning the vast majority of students trained in Wales will work in Wales after their studies.

Rebecca Evans AM said: “This is great news for the Welsh NHS and anyone looking to take up a training place.

“Health care students are the future of our NHS, which is why – unlike in England – we are continuing to support them during their studies in return for a commitment to work in Wales.

“This sends a clear message about how much we value our health care workforce and sets out our commitment to the future of our NHS”

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