12th August 2022

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AM steadfast in opposition to Town Council’s stance on ‘right to vote’ for prisoners

FOLLOWING the motion passed by a coalition of Town Councillors to oppose giving prisoners the right to vote, Labour AM Lee Waters has not committed to changing his view on the matter, but affirms he is “very keen to work with the town council” on issues that directly improve Llanelli.

Labour and Plaid Cymru AMs voted in January in the Senedd, supporting the policy of giving prisoners the right to vote in local elections, but no law has been changed as of yet.

The Town Council motion, which passed on July 3rd, vowed to “write to our Consituency Assembly Member, Lee Waters, and our four Regional Welsh Assembly Members and ask them not to support this proposal.”

Mr Waters said: “It would be a shame if our Town Council was hijacked for the promotion of partisan campaigns that have little to do with the future of the town.”

Conservative Town Councillor Siôn Davies, who forwarded the motion opposing this Welsh Assembly policy, said: “It’s our responsibility as a Town Council to challenge and scrutinise our elected representatives. We’re entitled to our view, and in the case of opposing votes for prisoners, it’s one where the majority of Llanelli people agree with us.”

“It’s up to Lee to explain to the electorate why he votes the way he does in Cardiff Bay.”

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