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AM, MP and councillor accused of sabotaging new school build at Llanerch

AM, MP and councillor accused of sabotaging new school build at Llanerch

A Plaid Cymru councillor has accused Llanelli’s MP, Nia Griffith, the AM, Lee Waters and Lliedi councillor Rob James of sabotaging plans for a new school build on Llanerch field.

In a leaked email with the subject ‘Plaid slams Labour school sabotage. Cllr Glynog Davies claims that the plans for the new school could have gone ahead if it were not for the prevarications and sabotage of the politicians.

In a statement issued yesterday by Carmarthenshire County Council there was no mention of sabotage or involvement of the three who were mentioned in Cllr Davies’ email to Alun Lenny.

The leaked email from Cllr Davies

Cllr Davies cites long delays and rising costs for the council considering another site but omits to mention that the council could not satisfy the concerns of local residents and NRW. He dismisses any opposition as ‘spurious’ even though evidence to support the claim that the school was going to be built over a giant sewage tank was clearly placed in the public domain.

Cllr Davies insists that the plans for the new school were scuppered by the politicians making cheap political capital out of the situation.

Save Llanerch Field campaigner Heather Peters commented:

“CCC have decided not to pursue on Llanerch you need to ask why? How much money has been spent abortively on this folly from day one?

“Welsh Government do not issue Stop notices without cause, if there were no real issues why stop now ?”

We contacted Cllr Davies for a comment. We have not received a response.

In a joint statement Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM and Cllr Rob James said:

Nia Griffith MP, Lee Waters AM and Cllr Rob James have repeated their call for Carmarthenshire County Council to find an alternative site for Ysgol Dewi Sant as a matter of utmost urgency.

This comes after the Council announced that it no longer plans to put the new school building on Llanerch fields, which local residents have campaigned to keep as a green space. Llanelli’s MP, AM and the Labour leader in Carmarthenshire have been urging the Plaid-led council to consider other sites for the school.

The proposed site had faced widespread objections from the public over the loss of greenspace in the town, and there were fears from Natural Resources Wales on a number of issues including flood risk from the River Lliedi and sewerage tanks.

Lee Waters AM said: “I’m really glad that the Council have had a change of heart on building on Llanerch field. I’ve long campaigned to save this important green space. Dewi Sant desperately needs a new building, but this wasn’t the right place.

“I told the Council early on that other sites should be considered for Ysgol Dewi Sant. But the Council didn’t listen and has now wasted years and £500,000 of public money with nothing to show for it.

“I’ve sought the assurance of the Education Minister that the funds to deliver a new school are still there,  so the focus now must be on getting a much needed new school for the pupils and teachers of Dewi Sant.”

Nia Griffith MP said, “From day one, we have said that the County Council should be looking in more detail at more than one option for a new building for Ysgol Dewi Sant, particularly given the potential game-stopping flood-risk concerns of the Llanerch site. I have long called for a serious study of the Heol Goffa site, which will be vacated when Ysgol Heol Goffa gets a new building as planned.

“Ysgol Dewi Sant definitely needs a new school building, and this impasse need never have happened if the Council had done a serious study of alternative sites. We now need them to get on with considering other sites for the school and make up for this needless delay.”

Cllr Rob James said, “It is extremely disappointing to see yet more delay from the Council in sorting out a new school for Ysgol Dewi Sant.

“It was clear from the outset that Llanerch fields was not a suitable site, and as a result of Plaid Cymru’s failure to identify a less controversial site for Ysgol Dewi Sant, we’re now back to square one and have to act quickly to look at new options.

“The Council must put the welfare of the pupils and teachers at Dewi Sant first, and sort out a suitable new site for the school as a matter of urgency.”


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