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Alan Bennett would have loved Bryn Hall event

Alan Bennett would have loved Bryn Hall event

ALAN Bennett would have just loved the event at Bryn Hall today, Wednesday (Apr 3).

One could not move for paper doilies, Royal Albert, cakes and balloons. No doubt Mr Bennett would have helped himself to just one more coconut macaroon as he chatted away with Thora, Betty and Roy in a scene reminiscent of a Ken Loach movie.

Just about everyone who is anyone were present at the hall as the community came together to give thanks for all the hard work in raising enough cash to locate a defibrillator outside the hall.

The Women’s Institute, a local art group, local councillors and old age groups all chipped in to the total of well over £1,500 and today was about thanking them.

A lavish tea set out on beautifully decorated tables. Floral displays in pretty vases and the most delicious looking and tasting for that matter cakes, all set out on pretty cake stands. Massive teapots were ferried around the room pouring an endless supply of tea into the waiting cups of those who battled their way through the spring showers.

There has been a real push from numerous quarters to link up the communities of Bryn and Llangennech and to bring the local hall back into use.

It really was a joy to see so many people gathered together exchanging conversation without a phone or laptop in sight. The art of conversation in Bryn is certainly not dead amongst the older generation. What I would have given to take a bus full of technology addicted children along as a social experiment.

Places like Bryn Hall are becoming rare as cuts to budgets force local councils to sell off assets. The consequences are devastating for the most vulnerable in our communities. Social isolation is the scourge of modern society. We must celebrate and share in the wonderful examples of which, the Bryn Hall and all the people who made the event possible is.

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