Monday, June 5, 2023
A time to every purpose under heaven

A time to every purpose under heaven

If you take time to read some of the comments pro and against the continuation of the monarchy and a Wales having left the union you can almost taste the Welsh Lamb spitting fat on a skewer over a half barrel and hot coals.

The touch paper was lit the moment King Charles bestowed the title of Prince of Wales on his son William.

The title Prince of Wales is a title historically used by independent Welsh princes and since the 14th century by the heir apparent to the English and later British throne.

Historically, the title was held by native Welsh princes before the 12th century; the term replaced the use of the word king. The first holder of the title Prince of Wales (and also King of Wales) was Gruffydd ap Cynan of Gwynedd, in 1137, although his son Owain Gwynedd (also King and Prince of Wales), is often cited as having established the title.

On 8 September 2022 the title merged with the Crown when its previous (and longest-serving) holder, Prince Charles, became King upon the death of his mother Elizabeth II. The following day, King Charles III bestowed the title upon his eldest son, Prince William, Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge.

There were indignant claims that the Queen had only just passed away and that the calls were insensitive at best. The issue of independence is another matter that has been on or off the table for many years but no one has come up with an alternative which has been acceptable to the people of Wales.

What are we to become? A republic an outpost of England or a part of Europe? Are we to have our own military our own money our own justice system our own prisons; the list goes on. Plaid Cymru has moved away from the out and out Republican stance of socialism and republicanism in most quarters and focussed their attention on rural affairs, pacifism and the Welsh language. This has served them well in rural Welsh communities. There are calls to end second home ownership in Wales. Plans to tax tourists and even a failed attempt to host Eurovision. Schools are moving to education entirely through the medium of Welsh. The fabric of Wales is being woven into a nationalistic cloth we offer; in the hope that within a decade or three the country will be occupied entirely by a Welsh speaking population with the likelihood of a referendum for independence IF the elected political party decides to. Meanwhile Labour are the party of Wales and have centred themselves to absorb much of Plaid Cymru’s nationalistic characteristics including a Welsh speaking First Minister rendering Plaid’s leader as almost impotent politically.

The doubters continually ask; Where will the cash come from and what will the cost be for those who proclaim themselves numero uno in the Republic of Wales? Would our new Prince be Michael Sheen he of appropriately bearded face? Why even Huw TV has been suggested he who did such a grand job of guiding our mourning over the last week or so. Would it be Adam price or any number of Plaid Cymru politicians who have never objected to the wage nor had any success swaying the people of Wales en masse that they should abandon the union. My money is on Dafydd Iwan.

Moves are being made to increase the numbers of members of the Senedd at an astronomical cost. Another layer of government and no doubt coloured with a fair handful of those who champion independence. Will any refuse to swear allegiance to the King and jeopardise their earnings?

The First Minister has been clear that Wales will remain in the Union and therefore as part of a partnership Mr Price has to concede or beat Labour at the next election and put his plans to the people of Wales. It is highly unlikely that that will ever happen and so we maintain the Status Quo and we continue with a monarchy and a Prince of Wales who until otherwise is the holder of the title Prince of Wales and who will he promises serve the people of Wales with “humility and great respect”.  Something many of those decrying his place could do with emulating.

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