Friday, December 9, 2022
A local bus service for local needs

A local bus service for local needs

A Llanelli Town Councillor, Sean Rees has been out working with the local community by calling for greater provision of bus services in the area.

This follows a well attended public meeting which was held by Councillor Rees last year.

Councillor Rees said: “We are all very keen to work constructively with the County Council and First Cymru to develop good and sustainable transport links for all of our communities.

“In the Glanymor Ward, there is a need for improved bus services for Seaside, New Dock and Morfa but we are also working hard so that residents living in Machynys, The Links and North Dock have access to a bus service too.

“The L1 bus service in fact already serves part of the Ward with the exception of the new developments. There is great potential for such a service to meet the needs of people travelling to work, to shop, to use rail or coach services, to access medical services or leisure facilities. With the plans for a new Wellness and Life Science Village, this also strengthens the need for an enhanced service locally.

“I believe there should be a review of the existing bus routes so that it can be ensured there are co-ordinated, integrated services with good connections and a reliability in delivery across Llanelli.”

Machynys Resident David Rees is backing the campaign, he said:

I fully support Sean with his efforts and thank him for raising this issue on behalf of the community. Having moved to the Machynys area, we have been looking for a bus stop into Llanelli and there really aren’t any! Yet we have lots of houses in Machynys and NO public transport.

If you want to help with the campaign or for further information, please contact Sean on 07415221811 or

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