Saturday, June 3, 2023
£1.3bn For S W Wales

£1.3bn For S W Wales

Investment: Good for Wales, good for Llanelli

The Swansea Bay City Region is £1.3bn better off this evening as the Prime Minister Theresa May signed off  off the Swansea Bay City Region deal. The Prime Minister is reported to have said that she would like Wales “at the forefront of science and innovation”.

More than 9,000 jobs may be created with  the potential  £1.3bn of investment in South West Wales.

First Minister Carwyn Jones has welcomed the news and said it was

An important milestone in the history of the South West.


A good example of private and public working together to deliver the best for our people.


He continued by saying that the 11 projects would attract a lot of private investment.

He said:

I am a strong believer that we are at our best when Governments cooperate and today is a good example of that.


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