Monday, June 5, 2023
£250 from cakes and cuppas at Coleshill Centre

£250 from cakes and cuppas at Coleshill Centre

The Coleshill Centre was the venue for a fund raiser for breast cancer today, Tuesday (Jul 18). VIP’s at the event included Llanelli Town Mayor Jeff Edmunds, Deputy Mayor Louvain Roberts, Llanelli Rural Mayor John Evans and his deputy Sylvia Evans.

There were plenty of pink cakes, tea and coffee on offer as well as a fantastic ukulele band who provided the entertainment.

There was a serious side to the civic duties including a visit to the Cath Up Service offered at the centre, which is a co-operative for action to change and hurry up progress on issues relating to disabled people.

C.A.T.C.H.U.P. Is a community Co-Operative and company limited by guarantee and was formed by disabled people for the disabled people of all ages to promote and encourage integration into the community.

Speaking about his visit the mayor said: “This is such a wonderful centre and so much hard work goes on here by volunteers who never get the limelight. It is very humbling to be here and to see so many people taking part and enjoying this event while raising money for a great cause.”

Deputy Mayor Louvain Roberts said: “I love coming here having worked in the health service myself for many years I know how much hard work goes into somewhere like the Coleshill Centre. There are so many people smiling and happy here today and it is a tribute to the work of the many volunteers.”

The Rural Mayor John Evans said: “Visiting the Coleshill Centre has been a pleasure. I think that these people deserve all the support they can get and it is wonderful to know that they are being looked after so well. The ukulele band are fantastic and they too have given their time for free.”

It is understood that at least £250 was raised on the day.

For more information on C.A.T.C.H.U.P call 01554 776850

Visit their website 

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