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21 members of organised crime group sentenced

21 members of organised crime group sentenced

DYFED-Powys Police have brought 21 members of an organised crime group to justice, and takes them and the drugs they supplied off the streets of Llanelli.

The final phase of sentencing took place today (March 29) at Swansea Crown Court for Operation Cryptic, which has seen twenty one defendants sentenced to over seventy years between them. The sentencing for this operation has been taking place over a number of months – but today sees the conclusion.

39 year old Kelly Roberts from Swansea was today sentenced to 6 months suspended for 18 months.

The following defendants have been sentenced as follows previously:

25 year old Ben Caulfield  from Swansea – 10 years

55 year old Bridgette Williams from Llanelli – 8 years

35 year old Jade Williams from Llanelli – 8 years

29 year old George Hawkins from Llanelli – 40 months

65 year old Janice Hawkins from Llanelli – 36 months

35 year old Debbie Wood from Llanelli – 4 years

48 year old James Mochan from Llanelli – 4 years

32 year old Allica Evans from Llanelli – 24 months suspended for 18 months

31 year old Kelly Marie Evans from Llanelli – 20 months suspended for 18 months

26 year old Lee John from Llanelli – 40 months

37 year old Christopher Daniel Morris from Llanelli – 40 months

35 year old Wayne Jenkins from Llanelli – Suspended sentence

27 year old Stacey Charles from Llanelli – 28 months

37 year old Carwyn Bignell from Llanelli – 40 months + 2 months concurrent for possession of bladed article

23 year old Emily Jones from Llanelli – 28 months

41 year old Jeremy Pegler from Llanelli – 40 months

54 year old John Paul Began from Swansea – 6 ½ years

19 year old Zain Thomas from Birmingham – 60 months

24 year old Eugene Brannigan from Birmingham – 41 months

32 year old Daniel Croft from Swansea – 9 months

Hidden: Bundles of cash

Operation Cryptic was a protracted investigation by the Dyfed-Powys Police Serious and Organised Crime Team between February and September 2018 that focused on the supply of Class A drugs, namely heroin, in the Llanelli area.

The focus was on identifying, arresting and prosecuting those involved in the sourcing, storing, preparation and supply of heroin.

The investigation culminated in an enforcement phase which resulted in the arrest of these individuals.

Chief Inspector Richard Hopkin said: “Today marks the successful outcome of Operation Cryptic after these twenty one defendants have been sentenced to over seventy years in prison collectively.

“This means that we have successfully disrupted a series of widespread and far reaching conspiracies to supply and distribute vast amounts of drugs in the Llanelli area.

“Our Serious and Organised Crime Team are to be congratulated on the result of this challenging and demanding prolonged operation, where they used a range of tactics available to them to infiltrate the group’s operation.

“Drugs misuse creates misery and despair and causes significant harm to our communities. And despite highly successful previous operations, the community of Llanelli continued to tell us of their concerns in respect of visible drug related harm in the town.

“Intelligence also suggested that heroin continued to be readily accessible in the town, and these factors resulted in this investigation and robust action.

“A number of divisional and specialist resources and departments played a part in making this successful.

“We hope that this sends a clear message to those involved in supplying and distributing drugs – there is nowhere to hide, and we will take robust action.

“We are determined to continue to ensure the Dyfed-Powys Police area remains a hostile environment for those involved in the misuse of drugs.

“Drugs will not be tolerated, and anyone concerned in it will be brought to justice for the harm caused to individuals, families and our communities.”

Pursuing this organised crime group was only one element, and Dyfed-Powys Police worked closely with partners in health and the local drugs support agency Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service (DDAS) during the enforcement phase, and they were present throughout to provide support in respect of drug abuse, addiction and rehabilitation.

If anyone is worried about drugs in their community, please call us on 101. And remember you can always report information anonymously, by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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