Wednesday, May 31, 2023
£1,000 award up for grabs for local business

£1,000 award up for grabs for local business

Local businesses are inline for a £1,000 award from the BNI Endeavour Llanelli branch if they are lucky enough to be nominated.

The award is run by BNI Endeavour which is a group of local businesses who meet in Llanelli every week.

A spokesperson for BNI Endeavour Llanelli said: “We know that many businesses and self-employed people in Llanelli genuinely want to help our community and often do great things with no recognition. We want to encourage and reward this kind of work.”

Applications to the award will be open until the end of August and the award will be presented at the diplomat hotel on Saturday 11th November. Shortlisted applicants to the award will have a chance to meet with all the members of BNI Llanelli, who will discuss the good work they do with them and how they benefit the community. BNI Llanelli Membership will then vote to choose an overall winner.

You can download the information here Untitled_20170713_153048

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