Wednesday, February 8, 2023
£1 to park in Llanelli on Saturdays til Christmas

£1 to park in Llanelli on Saturdays til Christmas

YMLAEN Llanelli, the town’s Business Improvement District will be offering all visitors to Llanelli the chance to spend all day shopping in the town centre on a Saturday for only £1 from 14th October until 23rd December.

The trial scheme will initially be a pilot to encourage more visitors to come into the town and also to use the multi storey car park which has 460 spaces. The attractive car park is generally underused on a Saturday so Ymlaen Llanelli hope the pilot will remedy that. At the moment visitors pay £1.20 for an hour and £2.20 to park all day there.

Ymlaen Llanelli Chair Lesley Richards said, “We are aware that parking charges are seen by businesses and members of the public alike as a barrier to coming into town. As a board we have considered the different options available and think that this scheme, which has worked in other areas, will encourage more people to come to Llanelli and see what our town has to offer.”

Ymlaen Llanelli has a targeted programme of projects and priorities aimed at creating a better town centre which is more accessible, well promoted and more attractive. Achieving this will help bring more visitors, attract new businesses and create a better environment for those who work and live in the town.

Ymlaen Llanelli has been working with the Council on parking issues in the town. It has also brought a number of successful events to Llanelli. On Wednesday, 1st November, it will be holding a Knights and Princesses Day in Stepney Square and on Saturday, 2nd December the Cairngorn reindeers return for the highly anticipated parade.

For more information on Ymlaen Llanelli, please contact BID Manager Mandy Jenkins on 07803 503972 or

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