8th August 2022

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Ysgol yr Hendy to feature in Bollywood film

The choir of Ysgol Yr Hendy are to feature in a Bollywood film about rugby.

The film, which is understood to follow the exploits of an Indian rugby team playing in a huge tournament and defeating some of the giants of the game is set to be shown in the summer of 2019.

It has all the makings of the film Cool Runnings when the Jamaican bobsleigh team competed at the winter olympics against all odds.

Headmistress of the school Mrs Rhian Kenny spoke to Llanelli Online about the experience.

She said: “We had a call last Tuesday from one of the parents, who were friends of Rob the ref. A film company were looking for a choir to take part in opening ceremony of a Bollywood film. We told them to go onto our website and have a listen.

“That was passed on to director who said yes he wanted the choir. There was a big rush to get consent and on Sunday we went off to Bridgend’s Brewery Field. They wanted to shoot different angles and it took a long time. The children were in their coats and they were brilliant, they didn’t moan.

Mrs Kenny described how the school almost left the director hanging as they rushed home. She said: “The Director said it’s a wrap so we left at about 1:50. We had left the school at 8:15 in the morning. We’d eaten our lunch and were on the bus going through Swansea when Rob called and asked where we were. We told him we were in Swansea and he said ‘Can you turn around the director hasn’t finished’. We had to go back for more shots from different angles. We had to send texts to parents to say we would not be home until later.”

Speaking about the excitement felt by the children Mrs Kenny said: “It was an amazing experience for them. They met the actors including Julian Lewis Jones from Stella. 29 children took part and they got very excited. We had an inspector out that day and some of the children had been speaking to the inspector and said that we had just been asked to do a Bollywood film. They ran to tell the music teachers too.”

When asked when the film would be shown she said: “I believe the film will be shown in the summer. Rob Davies the ref he is closely involved and he will let us know. We only took a second to say yes when the call came. The children are looking forward to seeing themselves.”

Mrs Kenny praised the dedication of her staff. She said: “We have to thank the music teachers Sian Lloyd and Linda Nicklin. Without them this would not have happened. They do the hard work I was just the coat collector.

“We are in the final of Carol yr Wyl. We are one of only ten schools through to the final. It has to be an original song. Mrs Lloyd has composed a song. The standard is very high. The choir is very active attending lots of events in the community. We are going to be singing at Prince Philip Hospital next Thursday. The children take cards and it means everyone on the ward gets a card from someone.”

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