27th June 2022

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Volunteer Troubleshooters  primed to help people struggling due to Coronavirus Restrictions

WARD COUNCILLOR Wendy Fitzgerald has gathered a group of volunteers to help mainly elderly residents who are unlikely to follow the latest local developments on Facebook or other websites.

For those who do have the internet, Cllr Fitzgerald is trying to update Penllergaer Community Council’s Facebook page regularly.

She admitted feeling that “everything that makes life enjoyable is on hold” but, referring to the current spell of dry and bright weather, said that most people in her ward at least had gardens, even those living in flats.

“At least we can get out of the house for a bit of fresh air,” she said.

Hundreds of people living in the Parc Penllergaer estate have 40 people keeping an extra eye out for them.

The volunteer group can help out with shopping, point people towards services, and commandeer expertise.

“We had a nurse with a flat tyre who got in touch, and within minutes people were saying, ‘Where’s the address?’” said Kathyrn Davies, who helped get the volunteer group together, along with Alan Tomlinson, who runs the Parc Penllergaer Facebook group.

Flyers were circulated, and volunteers have put special posters in their windows saying, ‘I’m here to help’.

Miss Davies said: “We wanted people to know there was help from people who lived near them, not strangers.

“We now have new members on Facebook, and we’ve had some brilliant messages from people saying how reassuring it was.

“We’ve got a milkman on the estate, and he’s offered to do additional deliveries.

“We are giving people the tools they need to be safe.”

The 51-year-old added: “It really has been wonderful the way in which the community has come together.”

Across the main A483 from Parc Penllergaer, chartered geologist Matthew Eynon said he answered the call from Cllr Fitzgerald and was there to help when needed.

His daughter Amy, 6, and son Rhys, 4, helped deliver leaflets the day before the main lockdown started.

“I’ve offered to help in any way those who are limited in how much they can go out whether by age, disability and the current restrictions,” said Mr Eynon, 41, whose wife Victoria is deputy head at Pennard Primary School.

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