A local bus service for local needs

A Llanelli Town Councillor, Sean Rees has been out working with the local community by calling for greater provision of bus services in the area.

This follows a well attended public meeting which was held by Councillor Rees last year.

Councillor Rees said: "We are all very keen to work constructively with the County Council and First Cymru to develop good and sustainable transport links for all of our communities.

"In the Glanymor Ward, there is a need for improved bus services for...

CETMA raise awareness of mental health with football training

EVERY Monday between 9th April and 30th July 2018, CETMA will be hosting football training at People's Park in Llanelli Town Centre.
The training is open to 16+ Males and is trying to help combat mental health problems in Llanelli males while getting fit at the same time.
It is hoped that CETMA’s football team will shortly play various friendlies against organisations such as the Fire Brigade...

Glenallagate and the demise of Plaid Cymru Llanelli

THE Llanelli branch of Plaid Cymru or at least what was left of it if the rebels are to be believed has diminished even further as two senior members tendered their resignations today, Tuesday (May 8).

Howell Williams the Former Branch Secretary of Plaid Llanelli and Sean Rees Llanelli Town Councillor and former Branch Chairman of Plaid Llanelli have submitted their resignations at Glenalla Chapel, a place where Cllr...

New Ysgol Pen Rhos School opens

TODAY, Wednesday (April 18) marks the opening of the new Ysgol Pen Rhos School in Llanelli.

The school will serve 420 pupils plus 60 nursery places and will also help to provide more bilingual primary education in an area where there is increasing demand.

Sean Rees, Llanelli Town Councillor for the Glanymor Ward said"The new Ysgol Pen Rhos is a fantastic new state-of-the-art facility in Seaside.

"I'm very pleased to see this significant...

An interview with Sean Rees

Sean Rees was the press officer for the Llanelli Branch of Plaid Cymru. In the run up to the General Election of 2017 he was replaced as the prospective MP candidate for Llanelli by Mari Arthur.

Numerous accusations flew around on social media but as yet neither Plaid Cymru's central office nor the local Plaid Cymru branch appear to have got to the bottom of what actually happened.

Subsequently a large number of local branch members were suspended.

They were joined by Cardiff AM...

Llanelli councillors to propose notice of motion to protect health services

TWO Llanelli town councillors are to propose a notice of motion at the next meeting of Llanelli Town Council on Wednesday (Apr 4).

The motion will be proposed by Councillor Sean Rees (Glanymor Ward) and seconded by Councillor Mike Cranham (Bigyn Ward).

The notice is as follows:

In accordance with Standing Order 8.1 of Llanelli Town Council, can we, the undersigned proposer and seconder give notice of a motion to be considered at the ordinary meeting of Llanelli Town Council on...

Llanelli activist speaks out on internal problems at Plaid Cymru

The man who some claim was 'ousted' at the 2017 general election as the candidate for Llanelli has been speaking at a meeting to form a separate wing of Plaid Cymru led by Cardiff AM Neil McEvoy.

Sean Rees has maintained relative silence over what he describes as 'internal problems' at Plaid Cymru.

Making a speech ahead of Neil McEvoy he said:

This brings me unfortunately to some of the internal problems of the past year in this constituency. It can...

More resignations at Plaid Cymru Llanelli

PLAID Cymru Llanelli appear to be in a state of implosion. Llanelli Online received an email form a Plaid Cymru member who wished to remain anonymous. In the email they claim that 25 members have now resigned across the Llanelli Constituency with around a further 20 considering whether to stay or not. Two Constituency Committee Officers have now resigned from their positions and The Llanelli Town Branch remains suspended.

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Tablets and machete found at Seaside play area

A Llanelli Town Councillor has raised concerns following what he claims were ecstasy tablets and a machete found in a children's play area in the Seaside area of the town. Cllr Rees contacted Llanelli Online to say that a storage object was discovered which contained a number of what appeared to be ecstasy tablets along with a machete knife. He said that the police had been informed and that the 'drugs' along with the knife had been removed for further investigation.

Llanelli Online...