Burry Port RNLI rescue 23 people at Pembrey Old Harbour

BURRY Port RNLI have rescued 23 people who were cut-off by the tide at Pembrey Old Harbour this evening, Saturday (June 30).

A spokesperon for Burry Port RNLI said: "We were called to assist people cut-off at Pembrey Old Harbour, with a rapidly incoming tide.

"The D Class ILB was launched, led by Darren Sheppard, with Tracy Phipps and Titch Evans as crew.

"23 people and 2 dogs were ferried to safety, all being safe and well."

Burry Port RNLI help find missing 13-year-old

ON Friday night (June 15), Burry Port RNLI's training session was interrupted with a request to search for a missing 13 year old, who was last seen at the Llanmadoc Camp Site, North Gower.

Both boats were despatched from their training schedule at 8:20pm and tasked to search the shoreline around Broughton.

Boats were crewed by Paul Mitchell, Jared Phillips, Doug Humphreys and Josh Morris on the D class ILB and Gary Morgan, Catrin Burt and John Massocchi on the Atlantic 75.


Busy Sunday for Burry Port RNLI

IT was a busy day for the crew of the Burry Port RNLI who were called out to two separate incidents on Sunday (June 10).

At 2:59pm they were called for an immediate launch to assist 2 people who were cut off by the tide in the Old Harbour area.

Later that day, they were called out to assist two groups of people who were cut off around the Machynys area.

Alun Wells of Burry Port RNLI said: "The D class lifeboat was launched and crewed by Gary Morgan, John Massocchi and Osian Bowen...

RLNI called out to incidents at Llanelli beach and Pembrey Old Harbour

BURRY Port RLNI were called out yesterday, Sunday (May 13) to assist three people who were cut off by the tide at Llanelli beach.

Press officer Alun Wells said: "At 15:29 this afternoon, we were paged by UK Coastguard for launch to assist 3 persons cut off by the tide with one person reported being in the water off Llanelli Beach.

"The D class 'Diane Hilary' was launched, crewed by Gary Morgan, Rhydian and Osian Bowen. During the launch another 'cut-off' was reported for 2 persons...

Burry Port RLNI called out to assist stranded cyclist

BURRY Port RNLI were called out on Sunday (April 29) at 5:23pm to assist a cyclist who was cut off by the incoming tide in the Saltmarsh area, West of Pembrey Old Harbour.

Alun Wells, the DLA & Press Officer for Burry Port RNLI said: "The 'D' class inshore lifeboat 'Diane Hilary' was launched within 5 minutes. It was crewed by Paul Mitchell, Nathan Gower and Jared Phillips and arrived on scene by 5:35pm. They quickly located the casualty and bicycle and safely returned back in the...

Burry Port RNLI called out to group stranded on Burry Holmes

THE Burry Port RNLI were called out for the 7th time this year on Saturday (April 14) to rescue four people and a dog who were stranded on the tidal island of Burry Holmes.

The team were given a launch request from UK Coastguard through their pager system at 4:11pm to assist the stranded who were cut off by the incoming tide at Burry Holmes and were unable to cross the causeway to return to safety.

Alun Wells of RLNI said: "The D class lifeboat 'Diane Hilary' was launched, ably crewed...

Granby Close Fire Update: Dog rescued at scene

TWO fire crews were called to tackle a fire at a block of flats in Granby Close this evening, Monday (Jan 8).

The fire was confined to a bedroom. There were no reports of any injuries. A dog was rescued from the flats and was said to be doing fine.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service issued the following statement at 22:56pm:  “Two Llanelli appliances are at the scene. We received a call at 9:36pm. The fire was confined to a bedroom. Two hose reels and four...

Granby Close fire aftermath

LLANELLI Online went to the scene of the fire at Granby close today, Friday (Nov 24).

There was a huge amount of damage clearly visible with the centre of the fire appearing to have been situated in the stair-well of the building.

Broken windows were clearly visible and the smell of smoke still hung heavy in the air. The area has been cordoned off with police tape and there is still a police presence at the site.

The Mayor of Llanelli, Cllr Jeff Edmunds has praised the quick...

Bluestone’s ‘Super Heroes’ rescue female motorist

WHEN the marketing team at Bluestone National Park Resort planned their Super Hero Day ­- the latest of the monthly ‘Fun Friday’ events they regularly organise- they had no idea that they would end up rescuing someone in real life.

But when a female motorist broke down on the busy road near their office at Canaston Bridge, the team was quick to put their alter egos to the test.

Jake Joseph, Marketing Executive, said the woman was shocked when the team of super heroes came outside...

Lifeboat Crew Respond To Hoax Call

AT 11:40 on Thursday (March 2) UK Coastguard paged the Volunteer Crew's of the Loughor Inshore Rescue Lifeboat along with coastguard Search and Rescue teams from Loughor and Bury Port after receiving reports that a vessel was in difficulty within the Loughor Estuary. Crews responded to the scene in order to conduct a search for the vessel and recover them to a place of safety.

The initial phone call was made from a...