Press offices’ Magnificent Three retire

THE press office of Carmarthenshire council has lost 108 years of media experience with the December joint retirement of three press officers.

Press officer manager Debbie Williams served 15 years with the authority, and press officers Roger Butler 13 and Ron Cant 12 respectively. They were the nucleus of a team that won the Cymru Wales Pride Awards (for being the outstanding In-House Public Relations Team as Sirgar PR) three years running 2008-09-10.

Debbie admits there was an element...

Without Trust, the Media Loses Legitimacy

Social commentators are claiming that there has been a shift in the trust people place in news outlets, specifically the media and Parliament. The last decade has seen a steady decline in newspaper sales, once the go to centre for daily news. The industry was caught napping when social media began accessing and publishing the news before any mainstream outlets had caught sight of it.

New ways of delivering the news with...