Residents concern over ‘sinkhole’ near proposed site for new school

RESIDENTS in Llanerch have raised concerns over what they claim is a 'sink hole' on a road close to the proposed site for a new school on Llanerch field.

Residents of Heol Nant-Y-Felin said that the hole had grown in size over a few days, and were concerned over the possibility of an accident and further deterioration in the road.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council for a...

Letter to parents infuriates Llanerch campaigners

THE issue of the choice of Llanerch for the new Ysgol Dewis Sant School will just not simmer down. It remains a melting pot and divisor within the community as some hope the much needed new school will be up and running on Llanerch Field while others insist that the site is the wrong choice and continue to express concerns over a large sewage tank under the site, a crumbling river wall, a weak river bridge, Japanese knotweed and now mine shafts (see our article holes appear at...

The long green grass of home

A number of residents contacted Llanelli Online to voice their concerns over the state of the Llanerch playing fields.

One local resident said: "Now that the Football World Cup has gotten underway, any small children who would like to kick a ball on the grass in Llanerch Playing Field are not able to do so because of the very overgrown state it is in.

"The council have cut the grass everywhere in Llanerch except for the Llanerch Playing Field...

Hundreds submit objections to siting school above ‘sewage tank’

THE planning application for a new school on Llanerch Field is drawing a large number of comments and objections, many aimed at the potential hazard of a gigantic sewage tank beneath the field upon which a new 420 place Welsh primary school and 60 place nursery may be built on land South of Heol Nant y Felin in Llanelli.

Residents and local councillors have made their views clear and the majority appear to be objecting to...

Football fans flock to Llanelli Footy Festival

CHILDHOOD obesity has been in the news recently with government and local authorities signalling the need for more healthy eating and participation in sport but there are those who claim that it is no more than lip service while they themselves close down grass roots sport through selling off land and replacing green field sites with artificial pitches, where charges force the most deprived families out of taking part.

Organisers of the Evans and Williams Football Festival say that...

Campaigners urge inquiry to keep Llanerch field as green and open space

CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to keep Llanerch field as an open and green space for the community as it has been they claim for the last 100 years.

Sharon Burdess and Heather Peters have attended a four day inquiry to give evidence in support of retaining the field for community use.

Carmarthenshire County Council have submitted a planning application for a new Welsh Medium School. It is claimed that the present Ysgol Dewi Sant School is not fit for purpose.

The duo of Heather Peters and...

Llanerch campaigners optimistic for Village Green status

CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save Llanerch field as a village green say they are optimistic that they have done enough to convince the decision makers that the field should be given village green status rather than be used to house a new school.

Local people attended the inquiry, which took place over four days at the Llanelli Town Hall.

The panel heard how important the field was to people young and old and how much it had been used over the last half century.

Campaigner Sharon Burdess...

Llanerch Field podcast

Llanerch Fields are never far from the news in Llanelli. This week the MP for Llanelli Nia Griffith said that she wanted consideration given to the brown field site of the Heol Goffa School now that it has been announced that the school is to be relocated to Delta Lakes.

Llanelli Online has been there amidst the Llanerch community right from the start when campaigners began raising concerns about the massive tanks under the fields, which contain sewage.

The County Council held a...

Council must consider Heol Goffa as site for new Ysgol Dewi Sant

Nia Griffith MP has said that she is pleased that the Heol Goffa School is to have a new home at the Delta Lakes site but insists that Carmarthenshire County Council should now give serious consideration to relocating Ysgol Dewi Sant to the redundant Heol Goffa Site when it becomes available.

Speaking to Llanelli Online today,Tuesday (Jan 2) she said: "I am very pleased indeed to hear that Heol Goffa School is going to have a new building and pleased that the site has been already been...

Award for Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers

THEIR aim is simple. To clean up rural wildlife areas to help keep wildlife safe from litter harm as well as to help keep these areas clean.

The group are called “Wildlife Watch Litter Pickers (WWLP)'' which is a subgroup of the Wales Wildlife Watch group. They were originally just a walking group of wildlife spotters, who quickly got annoyed with the amount of rubbish blighting the beauty spots they walked.

They then formed a subgroup and met on the weeks when they weren’t...