GI Joe is cool for cats

Nobody Wants to Feel Like a Pop Tart in a Toaster right?

This sun we are having does wonders for us; getting us outside more, walking cycling and playing, which is brilliant but one thing that some people don’t consider is the sun and heat when it comes to running.

We all know black makes you look slimmer but damn does it soak up that sun too. I keep seeing runners out in this sun wearing black leggings, a black top and baseball cap.

Last year I got caught short in the heat whilst...

GI Joe weighs up exercising during pregnancy

DO a quick search online and you will quickly discover it’s a minefield of information and advice that can often contradict itself; 'you shouldn’t lift', 'only do Prenatal Yoga', 'stop all abdominal exercise' and 'don’t train at all'.

There is a shortage of quality information on weight training during pregnancy. We took a look at what was out there.

It may be inevitable that through fear, you may stop working out. You may end up feeling down, cranky and out of control.


Common Side Effects of Weight Loss People Don’t Talk About

STARTING out on a weight loss journey, we can see what our body and life will be like when we’ve reached that weight loss goal. But in reality it’s somewhat different. This isn’t me writing to put you off weight loss, it’s what I’m here for.

To make you aware of some ‘consequences’ of losing weight I am going to cover what I’ve personally seen many clients go through after weight loss, and how we’ve overcome/reduced them.

For people who need it, weight loss can be a...

Do you suffer from ‘Phantom Fat Syndrome’?

WE have all heard of the Phantom Flan Flinger  of Old London Town but have you heard of 'Phantom Fat Syndrome'?

Do you suffer from it too?

Sarah has dropped 30lbs over the last few months but still tries on clothes 2-3 sizes too big for her! Still avoids the mirrors and even shop window reflections…

It can be difficult to have been a ‘plus...

Losing the pounds brings in the £’s for Ty Bryngwyn Hospice @GI Joe’s Rowathon

THE Rowathon is in full flow at GI Joe's and the sun isn't even over the yardarm.

It's Saturday (Apr 14) and while a lot of people are off out shopping the dedicated disciples of Joe's Army made their way to the HQ in Cambrian Street to take to the rowing machines for a mammoth 24 hour row.

Taking turns the participants were well aware of the need to bring in the pounds as they lost the pounds on the machines.

Joe said that this was a charity close to people's hearts and a lot...

GI Joe adds his might to Llanelli Online

THE pen is mightier than the sword so they say. One man who should be able to make a balanced judgement on that is Joe Williams AKA GI Joe.

Joe Williams is the owner, creator, come mastermind behind GI Joe Personal Training.

During its 5-year-period Joe has changed 100's of lives for the better with exceptional weight loss results.

Before this Joe served in the British Army as a PTI, where he was responsible for the fitness of 100's of soldiers.

Getting results is something he's...

Lift your way young

There is a very famous ad for a non ageing cream. It begins by stating:

"One day you realise that you are not going to be 21 forever. Yet you always want to look your best. That's the time many women discover a secret"

Joe explains: "This is something we hear on a daily basis in the gym, but with younger ladies in awe of those older than them, lifting more than them and looking damn good too.

"I love it when I hear of delivery guys turning up and saying to my ladies “These are a...

Soldier, mechanic, rugby player, rocket builder, fitness model and Mum – Meet Kayleigh

IT'S International Women's Day and Llanelli Online has found a remarkable woman in the heart of Llanelli. Meet Kayleigh Williams.

She is a wife and mother to two boys and she’s also served eight years in the British Army.

That’s not all. Kayleigh was a vehicle mechanic, pulling her overall’s on daily and then throwing on her shorts to play Rugby at the weekend.

Did we mention she played Rugby for the Army?

Whist juggling all this she was selected to work on the Bloodhound...