Leader of rural council plans survey and petition for future of Neville’s pub

THE Leader of Llanelli Rural Council Tegwen Devichand has said that she along with three other rural councillors, Sharen Davies, Sue Lewis and Andrew Rogers has concerns regarding the future plans for the Neville's Arms Public House in Dafen.

Cllr Devichand claims that Alan Andrews of the charity Chooselife met with two rural councillors and outlined his plan for the Neville's in Dafen and that he was was proposing to put six individual bedsits upstairs with offices and a waiting...

Chooselife opens doors to the vulnerable for St Davids Day celebration

CHOOSELIFE in Llanelli opened its doors on one of the coldest days of the year today, Thursday (March 1) St Davids Day.

Around 20 vulnerable adults attended the St Davids Day celebrations and received hot bowls of cawl, bread, cheese and Welshcakes.

Alan Andrews who is one of the driving forces behind the centre had made a public announcement stating that the doors were open for St Davids Day.

Speaking to Llanelli Online he said: "Over 20 people came in from the cold and had a...

Chooselife responds to petition for them to be moved

A PETITION calling for the relocation of a drug rehabilitation charity in Llanelli has been presented to the county council.

178 signatures were collected in support of the petition which called on the council to relocate Chooselife to alternative accommodation away from its present base at Copperworks Road in Llanelli.

Petitioners said they were concerned at the proximity of the charity to a new primary school being built in the area.

Presented by Vanessa March, chair of the...

Andrews claims ‘naysayers are not targeting the problem’ in Tyisha and Glanymor

THE man behind Chooselife, a centre for service users including people with drug and alcohol related issues says that he is perplexed at the negativity from some quarters towards the centre.

Alan Andrews a former self confessed drug addict found God and turned his life around and has been instrumental in establishing a centre in the Tyisha/Glanymor Ward in Llanelli, which was recently described by a Plaid Cymru councillor as one of the worse wards...