IT was like a scene reminiscent of roads in central Rome rather than Llanelli, which greeted our reporter Iwan Lewis as he made his way to work today, Tuesday (Mar 6) as traffic lights along the main route into Llanelli at Parc Pemberton and Parc Trostre were out of order.

Llanelli’s finest women and men in blue (or luminous yellow) had to brush up on their traffic directing skills as they took charge of the chaotic situation with cars, buses, lorries, motorbikes and the occasional mobility scooter vying for right of way.

One elderly man who attempted to cross the road said: “I didn’t even notice. How the heck did they manage. I haven’t seen this before. I was afraid to cross there. Unbelievable. Now that is damn well dangerous.”

It is not known how long the lights were out of order but our reporter passed at 11:50. The police turned up at around 12:00.

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