Wednesday, February 1, 2023
New community sports project organisation for Llangennech and Bryn

New community sports project organisation for Llangennech and Bryn

THE Llangennech and Bryn Sports Association (LBSA) are a newly-formed charitable organisation with an interest in exploring opportunities in developing grass roots sport and well-being facilities for community use.

The aim of the LBSA is to bring together and improve relations among different sports, education and social organisations within the Llangennech & Bryn community; promoting participation in recreational activities, mutual support and joint aid among their members.

The organisation was an idea that came together by default initially through a joint venture between the Rugby & Football clubs to solve the ever-present issue of overuse of the playing field at the Recreation Ground (Llan Park). This process eventually led to the formation of the sports association.

The Association represents the wider benefits that sport and physical activity can bring to individuals and communities. The organisation prefer to see themselves as providers and funders of sport for change and social good, aiming to grow due to their engagement with people around what goes way beyond just the sport, so both parties benefit.

The LBSA aims to establish sports clubs and participate in different sporting activities, while sharing ideas associated with improving community sporting facilities.

Organising fundraising events to aid development of facilities and participation, and exploring funding opportunities in order to improve grass roots facilities, while working with the relevant funding bodies is all part of the remit of this new community group.

The group has diverse membership from contributors across the community. They will serve to seek potential opportunities to improve the facilities of the under-utilised spaces available to the community, and leave a legacy that following generations will reap the benefits of.

The initial programme is aimed at attaining the lease of two areas of land within the boundaries of the recreation ground, and applying for relevant grants available to secure funding and guidance on implementing the installation of a new multipurpose training / junior playing facility.

The facility shall then be managed by the LBSA, i.e. hire fees, scheduled usage, maintenance programme, etc. Longer term plans would be to explore and attain further land within the community to utilise the spaces and seek funding to construct and manage facilities to improve and encourage participation in sport as well as health and well-being activities.

LBSA Chairman Phil Willock stated, “I am excited to announce the formation of this new charitable community group and I know that all involved so far look forward to working alongside local authorities, the public, surrounding clubs and funding agencies in order to explore the opportunities that will help improve facilities and opportunities for all of the society, both now and in future.”

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