ON Monday (Sep 24) during Labour’s Environment Campaign debate on healthy, sustainable food, speaking alongside fellow MP Chris Williamson, SERA UK and representatives of the Vegan Society, Shadow Wales Secretary and Neath MP Christina Rees endorsed Veganism as the way forward. 

During the panel meeting she welcomed a transition to plant-based diets citing the millions of sentient animals killed in U.K. and the amount of food, land and water that it takes to rear them, stating that we ‘need a sustainable transition.’

According to figures from One Green Planet 23% of global freshwater supplies are used to grow livestock feed, 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by livestock, 33% of global arable land is devoted to livestock feed and 45% of global land is occupied by the livestock system. 

A study from the The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has also concluded processed meat to be a carcinogen, listing red meat as a probable carcinogen; generally suggesting that the general public strictly limits their intake. 

Miss Rees, Chair of APPG on Veganism also pledged her allegiance to the Vegan Society’s campaign on getting plant-based options on all public sector menus – her campaigning for the Vegan cause comes just a year after vegetarian Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn stated at an event hosted by LUSH Cosmetics that he was ‘going through the process’ of not eating any animal-derived products but was not there yet.

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