10th August 2022

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WATER running off a new housing development in Burry Port has turned the main Llanelli to Burry Port road into a mud bath.

Motorists are navigating a large pool of muddy water, which is also washing up onto pavements and into gardens nearby.

Heavy rainfall over the last few days has caused some localised flooding but residents say that this is the first time this stretch of road has been flooded so badly in over ten years.

Some local residents said that they had already raised issues of flooding with the county council.

Workmen have been attempting to shift the water without much success.

A large number of local residents objected to the new site being built by JEHU Group on the land at Burry Port.

Sandy Road residents have also complained that the new estate will add additional numbers of cars to the already saturated route causing what they claim is a decrease in air quality levels.

Welsh ministers have set a target to deliver 20,000 affordable homes in the current Welsh Assembly term, which runs from 2016 to 2021.

A representative of the JEHU group said: “This section of road is historically liable to flooding and has previously flooded prior to our commencement on site. We in turn have video footage showing the same unfortunate event in October 2019, prior to our commencement.

“Despite the above, as soon as a resident made us aware of the issue, we mobilised staff onto the road to clear the existing gullies which were full of leaves.  Our team managed to unclean the blockage prior to council arrival. Additionally, due to the importance of the relationship with residents we assisted with brushing pathways on the existing road.

“Our continued relationship with the local residents is important to us. Which is why we will assist the local council with cleaning road gullies outside of our scheme during the build period.”

Pics. Peter A Tully

We returned to the site on Thursday (Oct 1) and witnessed more run off from the site running into a local gully.

A  representative from the JEHU Group said:

We have requested permission to operate on Pwll road to clean existing road gullies and jet the existing road lines. On receipt of permission, this operation will be undertaken early next week. We believe this is the root cause of holding water and are confident this will alleviate the issue.

With regards to water run-off, the photos you are showing are within the proximity of our ‘Tree protection zone’ which has been maintained through the build period. However, Following the concerns we will install a French drain within the location whilst adhering to the tree root protection requirements.

Following the raised concerns, we have mobilised labour resources all day on Friday 02.10.20 to clear leaves and foliage.


Since the start of the year we have been operating a car cleaning service for any resident on PWLL road and periodically window cleaning. We offered this service on the back of a resident evening and will continue this service until project complete. We are due a window cleaning operation next week which will be the 2nd since the project has started.

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