NIA Griffith MP is calling on public bodies to help provide a comprehensive network of electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Wales. The Llanelli MP is urging them to follow the example of the National Trust, which has installed EV chargers in all of its properties in Wales.

Last week (Friday 28th September), Ms Griffith visited one of the National Trust (NT) car-parks in Rhossili to charge up her electric car and meet with the NT’s Director for Wales and environmental officer. They discussed the rise of electric cars and the importance of having an extensive and reliable network of EV chargers.

Ms Griffith, who now drives an electric vehicle in order, in her words, “to make herself understand the reality, and that means the difficulties, of relying on an electric vehicle in west Wales”, has been shocked to find out that other public bodies have not followed the example of the National Trust.

Commenting on the current situation, which sees public bodies in Wales sponsoring just 38 charging points compared to 2,300 in England and 700 in Scotland, Nia Griffith MP said: “It is disappointing that Wales, which has the highest per capita ownership of electric vehicles and is seeking to promote eco-tourism, is lagging so far behind in the provision of charging points.

“I have personal experience of how the worry of not being able to charge my electric vehicle has been a limiting factor in where I can go. I am delighted that the National Trust in Wales, driven by the energy of their environmental officer Keith Jones, has installed EV charging points at all of its properties, but think how many more we could have if other public bodies followed suit.

“I am afraid the £1 a litre petrol price was a fleeting illusion, as we see prices more like £1.30 now, so there are economic reasons, as well as environmental and energy security reasons, to move over to electric vehicles as soon as possible. But we cannot do this without a better network of charging points across Wales. I will be campaigning for this and taking the matter up with the Welsh Government.”

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