LEN McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, has this Monday (Sep 24) spoken out in defence of Jeremy Corbyn during a pro-Palestinian meeting at the Party Conference, following the party’s prolonged grapple with the issue of antisemitism.

Len McCluskey spoke defiantly tonight with some hard hitting words to those opposing Jeremy within the party, declaring “Anyone screaming ‘you are a racist’ at Jeremy [Corbyn] has lost every sense of moral proportion.”

In regards to the antisemitism row the Unite boss went on to say:

“The truth is we were, like the Charge of the Light Brigade, cannons to the left, right and in front of us — sucked into a debate on our enemy’s territory.

“The time will come when people will say Jeremy Corbyn was right. 

“How shameful it was those MPs, quick to run to the right-wing media to have a go at Jeremy Corbyn, never raised one word against the Israeli government’s crimes. 

“So, comrades, shame on them. Shame on them.”

Following his call for unity within the Labour Party the trade unionist received a standing ovation from delegates.

The comments, taking aim at those who have been critical of the Labour leader came at an inner-party Justice for Palestine fringe event. 

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