HOUSEHOLDERS in Carmarthenshire are being urged to manage their rubbish responsibly and to be vigilant when accepting offers from individuals posing as legitimate waste disposal businesses during the coronavirus lockdown.

Whilst many people are keeping their waste to a minimum during the pandemic, residents are being encouraged to postpone garden and home DIY projects until lockdown restrictions are lifted, unless they are able to safely store excess waste at their property without causing health and safety risks.

Residents are also being reminded that if they use a contractor to collect any waste (garden or domestic) they have a legal duty of care to check with Natural Resources Wales that the person they use to remove rubbish from their home is a registered waste carrier. If evidence is found linking fly-tipping waste to a property there is a chance the resident could be prosecuted for not ensuring their waste was disposed of properly.

Householders must always ensure they have a copy of the transfer note so they are satisfied it is going to the right disposal site.

Executive board member responsible for public protection, Cllr Philip Hughes said: “We may be tempted to undertake some of those jobs we’ve been meaning to do for ages, now that we have the time during this pandemic, but we would urge you to please be sensible and if you cannot safely store excess rubbish at your property, to postpone any DIY projects, gardening and spring clear outs.

“Fly-tipping is a serious crime. Not only does it cause considerable damage to the environment, the economy and local communities you could also face a fine of up to £50,000 fine or 12 months imprisonment for the offender.”

There are a number of things residents can do to ensure they are disposing of domestic waste responsibly during these unprecedented times. The A-Z guide of recycling, which highlights were different items can be recycled, can be found on the council’s website

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Garden waste (hedge, tree/shrub cuttings; grass cuttings; leaves; plants, flowers & weeds etc) can be composted. A 330 litre ‘Soil Saver’ bin with hatch can be ordered on the council’s website for £12 including delivery. Alternatively, the council runs a Garden Waste Collection service which residents can sign up to for £44 for the season. A wheelie bin is delivered to the property from which the waste is collected every fortnight. More information on both schemes can be found on the council’s website

There is no change to kerbside waste/recycling collections. Residents are being reminded to use the green waste caddy to dispose of food. This is collected every week. Replacement food waste bins can be ordered on the council’s website at  Recycling Items Request – My Account

Residents are reminded that food waste should not be stored in the garden compost bin.

Executive board member responsible for environment, Cllr Hazel Evans, added: “Please be mindful of how much rubbish you are producing during the Coronavirus pandemic to help protect our refuse workers. Try and recycle as much as possible to save on space in your black bags. There’s no limit on the amount of blue bags you can put out! Also remember that your food caddies are collected every week so please do not put any food waste into your black bags. Just by doing these little things you are helping keep our crews safe. Thank you for your co-operation.”

When all waste is responsibly bagged and stored there should be no additional risk of vermin.

The council does not offer a pest control treatment service, however, the Environmental Health team are happy to offer advice and will take enforcement action if necessary when someone is not controlling waste on their property properly and is causing or allowing rats to be present. If anyone sees any signs of rats in their own or neighbouring properties, please contact the Environmental Health department so that the matter can be investigated further. Email or call 01267 234567

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