Screengrab: Traffic Wales

THE M4 westbound has been closed since 3:30 this afternoon, Tuesday (Jun 12). One lorry driver Terence (the trucker) Owens called Llanelli Online to say he had been stuck in the queue for hours and that the traffic is ‘bumper to bumper’.

The Traffic Wales website lists it as being closed until at least 7pm this evening. It is reported that an air ambulance had to land on the Eastbound carriageway. Latest Traffic Wales report states that the road westbound may remain closed until 1:00 am.

A number of motorists are exiting at the roundabout for Porthcawl. Our man in a truck Terence Owens said: “Large trucks are unable to make their way west due to low bridges on the A roads. I may have to stay here overnight if I can find somewhere to park up. I have been told there has been a fatality. Traffic is moving Eastbound.”

Screengrab: Traffic Wales

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